Hi, I'm Talia

I recently completed my Master's Degree at Northwestern University studying integrated marketing communications with a concentration in Brand Strategy and Strategic Communications. Before graduate school, I studied communication studies at Northwestern.

I am eager to continue learning about the theory and practices of communication and marketing with a consumer-centric approach. I am particularly interested in communication in the digital age in the beauty, fashion, health & wellness, and CPG industries. I am passionate about learning about new products, gaining new skills, and coming up with creative solutions to problems. In my previous internships I have held strategic and creative roles, and I am committed to implementing inclusive marketing in any position.

I love working with consumer brands across industries including

Health & Wellness

I've completed six internships across fashion, arts and entertainment, retail, non-profits, healthcare, and consumer packaged goods with experience in both agency and client-side work. I recently completed a 2-month contract at Sephora, where I worked as a Merchandise Coordinator in Clean Skincare.

In my free time...

Outside of school and internships, I've been working in bakeries since I was 15 years old. I love to decorate cookies and cakes and to help people find the perfect sweet treat for any occasion. Tap dancing is also a passion of mine; something I loved when I was younger and picked up again in college.