Octonuts: Brand Planning

Final Project
Project Overview
Octonuts is a B2C venture from Pearl Crop, a nut processing company. The brand offers oils, protein powders, snacks, and butters made from walnuts, almonds, and macadamia nuts. Our job was to establish a marketing objective, define a target audience, and identify attitudinal and behavioral objectives. After that, we repositioned the brand and developed a creative brief to best reach our target audience. Finally, we selected appropriate channels and messaging and outlined how to measure success.

Team: Talia Brown, Ashley Chiu, Ysabela Duarte, and Vaidehi Engineer
My Contributions
I mapped the consumer journey for affluent moms, our target audience. I also storyboarded a potential advertisement based on our creative brief and outlined 3 different tactics for targeting moms with corresponding messaging and calls to action. These three tactics involved targeting moms across audience dimensions as individuals, community members, and as a part of popular culture.