Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams: Brand Audit

Final Project
Project Overview
The assignment was to choose any brand and create identity and image maps for it based on social listening and survey data. Next, we presented a comprehensive overview of the brand’s building and leveraging efforts, and pointed out where we saw growth opportunities. We saw the most opportunity for Jeni’s to build out its product line through brand extensions and to continue to leverage partnerships with mutual benefit. We also recommended rebranding to just “Jeni’s” to allow for ventures in non-ice cream (but still ice cream related) products.

Team: Talia Brown, Ashley Chiu, Vaidehi Engineer, Jasmine Lopez, Mackenzie Pratt, and Maya Santoso-Utomo
My Contributions
Through social listening, I crafted Jeni's’ brand image map to understand if the brand was living up to consumer expectations. I then completed an overview of Jeni’s existing and previous brand partnerships to showcase their success in this area. Finally, I saw the opportunity for Jeni’s to expand their product line by leveraging existing ingredients from their popular flavors and selling them individually. From there, I determined that it was necessary for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams to rebrand to Jeni’s to make room for a more diverse product line.